Meet Keionna

I started K+LUNA during a time when wellness NEEDED to be my top priority. In the midst of chaos, I needed to find something that fed my creativity and brought peace to mental state. I found that dying tee-shirts helped me relieve stress & anxiety during a time that seemed uncertain. Who would've thought such a carefree, childlike activity would act as a form of meditation.

K+LUNA was founded on the idea that self-care is not selfish. One must constantly ensure that their cup is filled in order to have something to pour into others. Wellness is an inside job even if it starts on the outside. Looking good makes you feel good and feeling good is a form of wellness.

Thank you for your support & I hope your K+LUNA items bring you the same sense of joy when you wear them, as the light they bring me to design & dye them.


Love, Life, & Light